Tee’d Off Podcast – Episode 16

In this episode of Tee’d Off, Ben and Aaron are joined by golf legend Jimmy Hanlin, a TV personality and PGA professional, to talk about a wide range of topics, from the highly anticipated Masters tournament to personal golfing experiences and the overall state of the professional game.

We start by finding out how his passion for the sport developed from an early age. From making a golf course from empty soup cans to hosting a TV show about golf, Jimmy shares how his professional involvement with the sport grew. We delve into the upcoming  Masters tournament, our top picks, sleeper picks, and picks to stay away from! Discover why having top talent play in tournaments is good for the sport, the controversy surrounding the PGA Tour and LIV Golf tournaments, and what we can expect for the future of golf.

We also share personal anecdotes and frustrations encountered on the golf course and the challenges Jimmy faces when offering advice to players during a great segment of Tee’d Off! We also highlight the top golf packages in Myrtle Beach, including the renowned Barefoot Resort and AshWorth condos. Tune in for insightful golf discussions and expert recommendations from the pros!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Jimmy got started in golf and his path to playing professionally.
  • Learn about his transition from a competitor to a TV presenter.
  • He explains why Myrtle Beach is his favorite golf course.
  • Find out what Jimmy has planned for his TV shows, 18 Holes and Swing Clinic.
  • What golfers can learn from celebrities who play golf.
  • His perspective on the meeting with Tiger Woods and the PIF officials.
  • Unpack why the lack of top golfers in the PGA Tour is bad for the sport.
  • Masters Tournament picks and sleepers.
  • Jimmy shares his Tee’d Off story about the challenges he faces as an instructor.
  • The back nine: Myrtle Beach updates and details about the Barefoot Resort Courses.
  • Accommodations of the episode: The AshWorth!

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