Things to Know About Myrtle Beach Tee Times

Some people just take tee times for granted – maybe because where they’re used to playing there are no reservations for tee times or maybe because they’re used to just showing up and getting a tee time on the spot. But playing golf in Myrtle Beach is different. Myrtle Beach tee times need to be reserved in advance and the earlier you can do that the better your chances of getting the Myrtle Beach tee times that you want.

 Myrtle Beach tee timesWhen you’re unsure of a course’s tee time policy, call them up well in advance and ask them. Sometimes they will post their policy right on their website as well as offer you convenience of booking your tee time there as well.

It’s important not to show up late for your tee time. Tee times are in place to help organize golfers on the course and to try to maintain a regular flow of golfers moving around the course. Tee times are typically spaced at regular intervals, like 15 minutes apart. This enables groups of golfer to begin their rounds in an organized fashion but they need to show up on time and ready to start.

Myrtle Beach tee timesIf you show up as a single but without a tee time, you’ll most likely still get to play. The golf course personnel will place you with a group of 2 or 3. When a tee time is booked for a group of 4 but only 3 show up, that’s an opening you could easily be placed into but only if you’re there and ready to play.

It really depends on how busy the golf course is. The more golfers in your group, the lower the odds are of playing when you show up without a tee time at a busy course.

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