Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Mr. Fish

Aside from golf, at the top of the priority list for most our groups is where to find the best seafood in Myrtle Beach.

With fresh locally caught fish going straight from the boat to your plate, finding a place that serves outstanding seafood is relatively easy, ranking the best the area has to offer is far more difficult.

But, we are here for you. Here is a look at the places we recommend golfers enjoy an outstanding seafood dinner with two caveats: this list only takes into account restaurants in Myrtle and North Myrtle AND it has to be a seafood-centric restaurant (so places like Aspen Grille, which is outstanding, won’t be included).

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC

Without further ado, here are our top 5 seafood restaurants:

Rockefellers Raw Bar

5. Located across from Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach, Rockefellers Raw Bar is an area institution. A nondescript building can’t obscure the food, particularly the shellfish. Oysters, clams, shrimp, scallops and mussels are the specialties at a restaurant us locals (and TripAdvisor readers) swear by.

4. Mr. Fish doubles as a restaurant and fish market, serving fresh seafood anyway you want it. The in-house dining is very good, but Mr. Fish gets bonus points for the market, allowing golf groups to prepare their own dinner (every group has at least one guy that cooks well) if they want.

3. No list of Myrtle Beach’s best seafood restaurants is complete without a buffet, and Original Benjamins, which claims to have introduced calabash style seafood to the area, is the best. The buffet features more than 170 items, including crab legs, so if it’s quantity you desire, this is your spot.

2. Sea Captain’s House is Myrtle Beach’s oldest and most popular seafood restaurant. The food is outstanding and the view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean equally as enjoyable. The combination of food (the jambalaya comes highly recommended) and ambiance is hard to beat.

1. Forget being the best North Myrtle Beach has to offer, SeaBlue has set its sights much higher, saying, “We aspire to be among the best restaurants in the country, using locally sourced ingredients and displaying five-star service to all our guests.” According to 644 TripAdvisor reviews, Sea Blue has already conquered the local market and one look at the menu and you will see why the rest of America is next.

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