Hole Spotlight: No. 11 at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

The Myrtle Beach golf scene offers plenty of memorable golf holes, including several along the South Strand and at one award-winning design in particular: Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, [caledonia] which among its many accolades has been cited by Golf Magazine as one of “America’s Top 100 Courses You Can Play.”

While the finishing hole here gets its fair share of attention for its challenge, beauty and famous clubhouse back porch audience cheering on your approach, we highlight here one of the more picturesque holes at Caledonia – the par-3 11th Hole, where former PGA TOUR pro Hugh Royer III takes you on a playing tour to show you how best to play it.

Standing here on the 11th Hole at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, this is a hole that gives you a look that you just puts you in awe!

From these tees, you’ve got 147 yards to a front pin. If the pin were in the back left, you could be talking another 30 yards of length on this hole – a three-club difference depending on pin placement, easily. You can see there’s a creek that runs through here with the tall, natural grass … it’s just a gorgeous setting and a great golf hole.

So at 147 yards, I’m going to take an 8 iron, catch it just to the right of the flag (there’s a nice little ramp or backstop in there), and see if we can’t put something in there nice and close.

(My shot here was) not too bad, just right of the flag, caught the slope and came down nicely. Leaves us about 15 feet for a shot at birdie, and at least get ourselves a par and move on to the next hole!

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